Services for Veterans

We care about Veterans' rights and well-being.

Veteran Services

Veterans have put their lives on the line and dedicated years to protecting and defending our citizens. We value the unique experiences and perspectives that Veterans bring to our community.

Career and Recovery Resources provides Supportive Services for Veterans' Families (SSVF). This program provides case management and supportive services to prevent the imminent loss of a Veteran’s home or help provide suitable housing for an individual and family. Services include:

Financial Literacy
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How We Help Our Veterans

Please call us today to speak with an intake specialist. Preparation is required before the meeting with Career and Recovery Resources case managers. You will need to schedule a new appointment if you are missing the following documents at your first meeting:

Required Documents
Additional Documents

You may also need the following documents:

Ready to get started?

Please read what you need to prepare for a meeting with Career and Recovery. Your process will be delayed if you still need the required documentation. Contact us via phone or email at (713) 754-7059 or for assistance.

Driver’s License/ Identification Card
Official Identification is required. We can provide ID services if you need to obtain an ID.
Veteran Status Documentation
Official Veteran status is required to enter the program.
SSI/SSDI Documents
Official disability or retirement status documents are required if this applies to you.
Social Security Card
A social security card is required for everyone in your household.
Income Documentation
Your benefits letter or any pay stubs showing income.
Additional Documents
Bring a benefits letter and pay stub documenting your income, if applicable.