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Join us for quarterly community service days. We get trashy helping clean and beautify Houston's public spaces. The most rewarding part of volunteering here is working alongside other members of the community, who often become regulars in our office and receive services on their own too. Call for more info 713-754-7000.

Strengthen Community Bonds
Foster unity and shared purpose of creating a strong, compassionate, and inclusive city.
Promote Civic Engagement
Invest in Greater Houston and actively shape our future.
Build Empathy and Understanding
Help gain understanding and appreciation for the challenges of others.
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    I love volunteering with Career and Recovery Resources! I connect with others, see the direct impacts of my work, and gain leadership experience, all while having first-hand experience in seeing inequities in our community. The ripple effect of our work can help bring about awareness and social change."
    "What is it that we live for if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?"
    George Elliot