Uprise Enterprise

A CRR Social Enterprise

What Uprise Enterprise Work Crew Does

Starting in 2019, as an idea to create innovative programming for Career and Recovery Resources, Inc. (CRR) to solve a pressing social issue, we began Uprise. As a social enterprise, CRR created its own business that employs its clients and those who are a part of housing programs. The basic idea is that CRR competes with other businesses to win contracts for general maintenance, landscaping, and general labor or specific community clean-ups to pay for the on-the-job training salaries and the essential cost of the program. Today, we are proud to support over 250 individuals in the Hosuton area.

How Can UpRise Enterprise Can Help You

In its most basic form is a staffing agency for landscaping, graffiti abatement, basic maintenance, and general labor. In its most complex form, it is a social enterprise that creates the most successful work opportunities for those who need a real second chance.

Skill Development
Learn the skills that align with the best career and life path.
Work/Life Balance
Work programs aligning to your physical and mental health.
Get the training you need, all while earning a paycheck.
Return to school to acquire the latest cutting-edge guidance.

UpRise Enterprise Services

  • Mowing & Trimming

  • Plant & Tree Pruning

  • Weed Eating

  • Weed & Pest Control

  • Heavy Trash Debris Removal

  • Graffiti Abatement & Trash Pick-up

How UpRise Enterprise Works

It is an Employment First model that provides easy entry back into work for those needing a true first step or a second chance. The work is structured as “on-the-job” training to help create the first step into economic stability. This highly supportive, low-barrier employment program serves to help those who are unable to solve these common problems:

  • Unable to get a job.
  • Move forward economically.
  • Continue to fall back into homelessness and joblessness.
  • Utilize their survival skills instead of their work skills.

The teams bond over their jobs together, often working out transportation, hanging out after work, and supporting each other in being successful at the worksite. Most of the CRR Crew understand this is the only second chance at having a different outcome to their economic situation.

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