We help people live a life of self-determination and financial competence through behavioral and physical wellness, education, workforce development, and affordable housing.

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We break barriers for people experiencing substance abuse, unemployment, underemployment, and housing instability, with focused services for youths, Veterans, people with disabilities, and those referred from the criminal justice system.

Help give a tangible second chance to someone seeking a change.

You can help by donating, volunteering at our community service days, and advocating for simple, intelligent, cost-effective solutions to the barriers faced by those who want a second chance.


Completed Outpatient Alternative Substance Use Treatment


Veterans Served


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Received Housing Services

Help Us Break Barriers

Are you ready to make a difference? Help us make services possible with a gift. A donation of your choice!

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Join our community day of service! We get trashy cleaning up illegal dumping in neglected neighborhoods. It's all a part of being a community member.

Starting in 2019, CRR established UpRise Enterprise, a social enterprise focused on helping people with high barriers to employment earn income and get on a path to stability.
"UpRise Enterprise helped me out when I was down on my luck and couldn’t find work. They hired me and through the grace of God, I’m in a good spot."

-Terrance, UpRise Enterprise Employee

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