Employment Support Services

We work to get people to work. Regardless of the barriers that make getting a job difficult, we help to remove them.

Our Guiding Principles

Our principles for employment are based on fairness, justice, protection of human rights, and respect for the dignity of individuals. Every person needs the chance to earn an income in gainful employment for which they are qualified.

We help individuals create an employment plan to meet their needs. We provide tools, skill-building opportunities, and support to help people become employed. Those seeking additional training can enroll in certification programs to gain other skills for specialized positions.

Employment Support Services (ESS)

Employment Support Services (ESS) are crucial in helping individuals overcome barriers to employment and regain stability in their lives. These services aid and provide resources and training to help individuals secure and maintain meaningful work. ESS offers comprehensive support by combining various services, including case management, transportation support, substance abuse treatment, and social services referrals to ensure individuals have access to essential support such as healthcare, food assistance, legal aid, and housing resources through The Way Home, The Coalition for the Homeless of Houston/Harris County.

Adult Literacy
The program aims to improve the functional literacy of adults.
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GED Classes
Courses to help you earn a high school equivalency credential.
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Youth Employment Services
Program for young individuals to help them find and sure employment.
Computer Lab & Literacy
Facility providing various resources and assistance for those seeking employment.
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Employment Support Services (ESS)
Helping individuals overcome barriers to employment and regain stability in their lives.
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Empowered Hands, LLC.
Non-Profit organization which helps serves individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing.
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SERS National
Program which provides subsidized service-based training for adults and low-income persons.
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Who We Help and How

Our services are for those who want to work but have barriers to employment. We work to help you find a job, receive training, and earn certifications. We offer specialized employment and on-the-job training for people experiencing homelessness or those accessing housing.