Privacy Policy

Together we make a difference

Through this website you can donate to the work of Career and Recovery Resources, Inc. (CRR) by mailing us a check, by charging a gift to your credit or debit card, or by using Pay Pal. Financial information such as credit card numbers and checking account routing information is NOT retained by CRR. Other information collected by us in this process may include your name, mailing address, phone number, and/or e-mail address. The only information shared outside our agency, and only with your permission, would be your name and/or business name to be published in a list of donors.

None of your contact information is ever sold or shared our Agency. We do not in any way sell or share donor contact information outside our agency. Internally your contact information may be used to occasionally update you on happenings here at CRR such as special programs or client success stories. We may occasionally contact you by mail or e-mail to inform you of special giving opportunities.

If you would like to review the information we have on file for you, or if you would like to be removed from any or all of our contact lists – please call us at (713) 754-7027 or send an e-mail to Your personal information is protected by our agency’s policies and procedures that prohibit any unauthorized employee or volunteer from accessing donor information, and prohibit any employee or volunteer from sharing donor contact information outside the agency.

Privacy Act Policy